Before we get to the pictures of boring stuff like camera rigs and cranes in weird places, you need to know I’ve worked with a lot of big names.

This is me with James P. Sullivan (“Sulley”). My 3 year old daughter nearly lost her shit when I showed her this picture. Now that you are impressed, let’s get on with it.


A few camera rigs and screen grabs.




I have about a thousand more, but the point is I can get a camera anywhere.


Here’s a Phoenix Crane for historical purposes.



“I like the cup holder. I just decided. ”
– a DP

“As soon as I saw that email I knew we’d have a good shoot. Burlygrip was on the job.”
– a Director

“Dude, you’re a smart fuckin’ guy.”
– a DP

“What is that thing?”
– Miscellaneous Passerby

“I’m just gonna take the stairs.”
– Hotel Guest

“Where are the stands? What are those pipes? Everybody has to complicate things!”
– some camera guy